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Idle to 5000 rpm

Ever had your i njectors removed from the car and cleaned? Well I have news for you; this is the best way to increase performance on your car.

Checking spray pattern

We at Pineport Ltd now have the technology to do this; we even replace the small filter inside the injector.

Removing filter from injector

The most common fault with injectors is poor spray pattern, dribbling and poor atomisation of the fuel.

Bad spray pattern

A leak test is also performed, to make sure the injectors are not leaking. This is very important, reason being. If the injectors are leaking, when the car is switched off the fuel will still be passing through the injector nozzles, this fuel will drop on top the piston and slide down the piston bore, this in turn will wash away the oil from the bore, resulting in nil compression of a particular cylinder or maybe all cylinders depending on how many injectors are leaking, this term is commonly known as bore wash.

Leak test

These problems can all result in heavy fuel consumption, less power and difficult starting.

These days, the fuel we now use, is not the same as many years ago, the fuel use to contain certain chemicals which will reduce the build up of deposits, now that the consumer has demanded for cheaper prices, they, the manufacturers have agreed but have removed the cleaning chemicals, so now what we get is the build up of carbon deposits inside the nozzle head.

There are many cleaning agents out there on the market but there is only one method that proves satisfactory, this is ultrasonics, without doubt the best way to clean those injectors.

Ultra sonic cleaning
Close up of cleaning process

Before cleaning the injectors it is good to do a comparison i.e. the before and after test to prove that we have improved the efficiency of the injectors.

Delivery rate

Firstly we take the readings from the injectors once removed from the vehicle. They then have the filters removed and are then placed in the ultrasonic bath for about 20 minutes to 50 minutes, then removed, new filters inserted then put back into the test bench to check the readings for improvement. If all is satisfactory we then replace pintle caps, top and bottom seals and place the injectors back inside the vehicle.

We at pineport ltd charge £18.00 per injector for cleaning; removal of the injector from the car is an additional charge.

To prolong the cleaning intervals make sure the fuel filter gets a regular change.

What is quite amazing is, not one main dealer has ever given an interval time for injectors to be over hauled. Why is this? I don’t know, ask the main dealer.

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