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E.C.U’S & Modules are one of the same things. There main reason for existence is to control.

A lot of manufactures are placing these modules in places that contribute to their downfall. So what happens when they fail? To replace an E.C.U or Module could cost more than what the car is worth in some cases, depending on the year of your car. If fitting a new E.C.U/Module terrifies you, then I suggest a used one that is functioning correctly. We offer a 30 day warranty with used E.C.U/Modules. We supply, fit & program all types of E.C.U’S/Modules to the Vauxhall range of vehicles. Listed below is an example of what we supply & fit.

If your Vauxhall model is not listed don’t worry, just phone & and we can advise you, this is because the range is so vast.

Call Out Service Now Available!

From £45 depending on location. Possible repairs on site.

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