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There have been so many issues with this system. While doing our research, we compared this system to other semi autos. We found this one, better to drive with smoother engagement of the gears. There is no hydraulics involved, everything is done electronically.

Faults that occur with the system

  1. The ‘N’ light flashes when the gear lever is placed in gear.
  2. Dash screen goes blank when the car is started and there is no acceleration at the pedal.
  3. Gear changes are not smooth enough.

It’s important to understand how the system works before we can work out what is actually going on. This system works with a semi auto clutch which is similar in design as a manual, but is different, so do not fit a manual clutch, otherwise you will experience all sorts of issues. A clutch actuator is fitted and bolted on top of the gear selector and are both operated electronically by an E.C.U module. There is no hydraulics on this system.

Showing System Showing N Light Flashing

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