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The easytronic or semi auto system seems very confusing at first, but if we carefully analyse this system we can see how easy it is to understand. If you have mechanical knowledge, this will help the understanding of how the system works, if not the explanation I will give you is a complete breakdown of how it works to fault finding.


This system combines a clutch actuator, a gear selector and a clutch. Imagine the gear selector is your left hand and the clutch actuator is your left foot. With the clutch fitted in the usual place between the engine and gearbox all that is happening is that the car engages gear according to the speed of the vehicle via the clutch actuator while the gear selector simply selects correct gear. The clutch actuator works on hydraulic fluid which is operated via a master cylinder which is built in. The gear selector is comprised of 2 motors a select and shift. Easytronic transmission combines all the ease of an automatic with the control of a five-speed manual gearbox. Set to manual mode the Easytronic changes gear simply by moving the lever forwards or backwards, while Automatic mode is just that, complete with kickdown. As there is no clutch pedal those with an automatic only licence can drive the Easytronic transmission models as there are only 2 pedals

This unit has 2 motors, shift and select motor. The motors can become overheated with oil leaking into them via gearbox oil. Read more...

Our repairs to the Vauxhall range of cars are very extensive and in depth, We reset ecus extract security codes from modules, programme Read more...

These faults which I have listed above are the main contributions to the light appearing on the dashboard , it is important that Read more...

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